Optimising Ship Management

We are constantly innovating. We are at the forefront of digitalisation.

At BSM, we believe modern digital solutions are a key differentiator in our service offering to customers, seafarers, office staff and our partners. Ship management is a multifaceted business. Our digital innovation provides our customers with a wealth of information and insights to optimise the management of entire fleets, automate processes, increase business performance, improve operational efficiencies and drive down costs.

Vessel & Energy Efficiency

Every vessel is important to us in terms of performance and energy efficiency. We have a dedicated Fleet Performance Centre including a Fleet Monitoring Centre to improve the efficiency of our clients' fleet through a holistic approach including:

  • Vessel performance monitoring
  • Performance optimisation
  • Decarbonisation solutions
  • Digital solutions development
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We started our bespoke software development in 2008 with smartPAL. smartPAL is BSM’s web-based, cloud enabled integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for ship managers and ship owners providing access to all data, functionalities and reports in one place; this unique platform allows BSM’s shore staff, seafarers and our customers to access all information regardless of location from a single system on a real time basis.

smartPAL is cloud-based as this offers flexibility, data recovery, little to no maintenance, easy access and a higher level of security. BSM will still maintain physical data and disaster recovery centres around the world to maintain data and operational integrity.

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LiveFleet, a smartPAL module, provides ship owners access to near real-time operational, technical and financial information anytime, anywhere on their phones and browsers. This performance monitoring platform also provides insights into emissions, fuel consumption and engine performance for predictive maintenance.

Our business intelligence tools allow fleet managers, superintendents and other staff to drill down information on vessel operations, analysis and correlation with historical data, and to compare performance between vessels and fleets and do quick “what if” analyses.

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MariApps Marine Solutions, a Schulte Group company, is an enterprise digital solutions company offering state of the art software applications for the marine industry. MariApps can bring to any ship owner and ship manager key knowledge and expertise that will help the company excel in today’s competitive and demanding environment with digital solutions such as smartPAL.

The digital revolution of Industry 4.0 – Internet of Things, big data, analytics, machine learning – is triggering a sea change for the maritime industry and BSM is here to help you ride it out with our suite of solutions.

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Cyber Security

BSM maintains physical data backups and disaster recovery centres around the world to maintain data and operational integrity. BSM recognises the threat of cybersecurity and have made it a top priority. We invest in robust IT security, have an internal team and external partner supporting us 24/7 to ensure the data in our systems is constantly safe and secure.

Sankar Ragavan

Chief Digital Officer


Please contact our Chief Digital Officer for enquiries.