By applying the best crew recruitment and training practices, BSM ensures the best professional seafarers are available for the right jobs at sea.

Change is the only constant in life.

BSM operates 5 Maritime Training Centres (MTC) in Cyprus, China, India, Poland and the Philippines to train and develop seafarers, improving their competence in line with company standards and requirements. This ensures continuous learning and development opportunities are provided to support seafarers in their career progression.

Courses offered by the MTCs address operational, safety, and environmental training needs for general and specialised vessels in an evolving maritime industry.

Maritime Training Centres

Our Crew Service Centres ensure you have the most competent and professional crew managing your fleet!

BSM owns 28 Crew Service Centres (CSCs) around the world to ensure highly competent, duly certified, experienced and medically fit seafarers are selected and recruited for placement onboard BSM managed ships.

Seafarers are at the heart of BSM’s maritime operations. The CSCs play a key role by providing service and operational support to seafarers and clients.

Our rigorous selection processes, periodic appraisals and career growth opportunities play a crucial role in maintaining and growing an excellent pool of dedicated seafarers and office personnel around the world.

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Careers at Sea Crew Service Centres

BSMPay – powered by Shipmoney

Our seafarers are at the heart of BSM’s ship management operations and like any shore job, being paid on time is key. We’ve digitalised this function via BSMPay, a digital payment platform provided by our partner Shipmoney that enables seafarers to receive funds in real-time, and send money home, exchange money at best trading rates, and withdraw cash at most ATMs worldwide. This reduces cash to master requirements and the associated security requirements and costs.

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