We navigate towards a sustainable future for all.

At BSM, we are committed to sustainability and encourage all our stakeholders to come on board.

Our goal is to grow our business prudently and responsibly while making a positive difference in people’s lives, including our local communities and on the oceans. Our values act as the belief system which binds all our people as one BSM. Together we leverage collaboration, innovation, and digitalisation to build a brighter future in line with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

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BSM’s Management Board oversees the progress of our ESG strategy and ensures alignment with the overall business objectives. Our ESG Core team members sponsor strategic developments by monitoring progress, supporting BSM’s experts, and collecting all relevant data and information for the annual report.

Elena Pantazidou
Human Resources Director
Nicholas Rich
Director of Fleet Management
Anil Jacobs
Head of Fleet Performance
Christina Hadjisterkoti
Group HR Manager - Learning, Development, Culture
Rose Andrews
Compliance and Systems Manager
James Joseph
Manager, Regulatory Compliance Centre
Martin MacMahon
Environmental Compliance Manager
Irina Carbunaru
General Manager HR Marine
Clara Chan
Group Supply Chain Management Manager
Irena Kyprianidou
ESG Officer Group HR Shore
Marina Ioannidou
Compliance and Sustainability Officer


BSM has a global presence in over 30 locations with over 23,000 employees at sea and on shore. It is our duty to ensure their safety and to build a culture of belonging and continuous growth to make sure that everyone can reach their full potential.



Climate change is an immediate threat, affecting us locally and personally. At BSM, we focus on decarbonising our operations, moving towards a circular economy, and supporting innovative solutions to effectively address this pressing challenge.



At BSM, we conduct business with a high-level of integrity which allows us to deliver services to our customers that are built on trust and accountability. Respecting human rights and following regulations is how we demonstrate our values and principles in the communities we belong to.


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