Our Ship Management Software

BSM manages its operations with smartPAL, a market leading web-based ship management software. smartPAL combines all key ship management functions, such as crewing, planned maintenance, purchasing, accounting, payroll, commercial operations, and drydock in a single platform.

Our operations are seamlessly connected and follow optimised business processes that maximise our efficiency, use of data, and decision making through smartPAL.

Customisable dashboards and minimised manual reporting enhance decision making of BSM’s shore staff and increase focus on vessel operation and condition.

Our Smart Solutions

The software has smart solutions with artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and Internet Of Things technologies developed for fleet performance monitoring, predictive maintenance, procurement, crewing, and data management. The cloud-based software is highly intuitive, dynamic and customizable; it can be accessed by users anywhere, anytime to improve ship management operations and reduce vessel OPEX.

smartPAL has mobile apps such as QDMS Wiki and LiveFleet to support ship & crew management needs 24/7 for users regardless of location.

BSM is a cloud, web-based company that recognises the threat of cybersecurity and have made it a top priority. We invest in robust IT security, have an internal team and external partner supporting us 24/7 to ensure the data in our systems is constantly safe and secure.

Sankar Ragavan

Chief Digital Officer


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