Published on 23 May 2022

Health is wealth! As seafarers don’t always have access to fitness facilities and equipment when on-board, here are some simple exercises crew can do to maintain their physical and mental health during a voyage.

Workout plan for seafarers on-board

Seafarers often get heavily affected when it comes to travel restrictions and crew changes. Some mindfulness and discipline can assist a great deal while handling pressure during stressful times.

Taking the above into consideration, the Sailors’ Society introduces a 21-day workout regime. The plan includes 3 moves a day, 3 sets each, followed by breathing for 3 minutes after the workout.

The workout plan requires no equipment, but hydration is important. If the exercises are too difficult, kindly reduce the number of repetitions.


If you do not know what some of the exercises are, the following infographic will help provide an idea:

Source: 'Safety4Sea'