Published on 13 Sep 2023

We are thrilled to announce the successful opening of the BSM Pocket Park, a vibrant community space brought to life through a collaborative effort between BSM Hellas, Mariapps Marine Solutions, and Hanseatic Maritime Services. This initiative was realised in partnership with the esteemed Municipality of Zografou and its visionary Mayor, Mr Vasilis Thodas.

At the heart of this project lies a touching story of compassion and solidarity. In 2021, Greece faced devastating wildfires that left communities in despair. In response to this catastrophe, we engaged the local authorities to provide aid. With the guidance of Mayor Vasilis Thodas and considering that interventions to the burnt forests were not recommended, we were introduced to an abandoned area in the city of Athens. The idea of transforming it into a green oasis for the community was born.

The transformation of this abandoned space into a beautiful small park symbolises our commitment to positively impacting the lives of people in our communities.

Green spaces in urban settings are vital in creating a sense of togetherness. They serve as social hubs, allowing people to gather, interact, and forge new bonds. Moreover, the Park's presence will boost mental well-being, offering a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Beyond its social significance, it also contributes to the environment, helping to absorb emissions and promote a cooling effect in the surrounding area.

The Park's grand opening was an event filled with warmth and gratitude. Esteemed guests graced the occasion, including Mr Thodas, Mr Theophanis Theophanous (BSM Hellas Managing Director), and Mrs Elena Pantazidou (HR Director and Member of BSM’s Management Board).

We remain firm in our commitment to empowering the local communities where we belong. The Pocket Park represents one of the many ways we strive to create a lasting, positive impact.