Published on 05 Aug 2021

BSM continues to lead the way in the digital transformation of ship management by adding a series of new tools to its pioneering LiveFleet application.

If you are going to set targets, first you need to know your baseline. For ship owners seeking efficient, cost-effective, environmentally friendly operations, the first step is knowledge gleaned from data. The second is analysis.

Both are provided through LiveFleet, which gives ship owners desktop and mobile-friendly access to near real-time operational, technical and financial information relating to each individual vessel and to their fleet overall.

This is maritime technology that really delivers, with users benefiting from unrivalled transparency. Intuitive and user-friendly, LiveFleet delivers the potential to optimise vessel operations, create business value, drive efficiency and cost-effectiveness, and monitor and manage CO2 emissions and environmental performance.

The application enables ship owners to keep full track of their vessels, conveniently and quickly, and allows users to review reports and download copies of them on any device, at any point. The full scope financial reporting, operational data, vessel position and noon reporting provided by LiveFleet is already well embedded. Now, in a significant extension, three new tools – Performance Overview, SeaPassage Execution, C/P Monitoring – have been added to the platform.

“These new tools aim to improve availability and energy consumption while reducing OPEX, manual reporting and performance claims,” says Frank Paleokrassas, Head of Data Governance and Analytics at BSM.


Performance overview

The Performance Overview tool provides a comprehensive view of a vessel’s historical and current performance based upon its hull, propeller, main and auxiliary engine conditions, speed and fuel consumption as well as predictive recommendations for underwater inspection and cleaning.

Voyages’ efficiency

Users can monitor the efficiency of voyages via the Sea Passage execution function utilising engine power and speed, fuel consumption, weather reports and other operational data. The voyage is represented on a map, including AIS positions between noon logs.

Automated monitoring

C/P Monitoring allows for automated monitoring of the vessel’s performance, ensuring transparency and clarity of communication with the customer. By automatically classifying days where the charterparty conditions are enforceable, the user can quickly and easily understand how well the vessel has been performing.

As a component of the smartPAL ship management software, LiveFleet’s financial reporting feature provides monthly OPEX variance reports with comments and drill-down feature for details of transactions and invoices.

  • LiveFleet also enables users to keep track of key ship operational issues as part of its comprehensive suite of functions. These include: Real-time vessel position and speed, with full tracking history and schedule of next port calls
  • Crew certificates, experience and contract information
  • Noon reporting data, key vessel performance and consumption metrics
  • Environmental performance information including energy efficiency, emission and waste management data
  • Maintenance reporting with spare parts inventory
  • Purchasing, quotation and deliveries feature
  • Ship certificates repository

Adding in the new features will deliver increased transparency, as well as the benefits of the continuous refinement carried out internally, said Frank.

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Did you know that…?

…the unique reporting platform for BSM clients LiveFleet, was developed by MariApps Marine Solutions, the digital technology arm of the Schulte Group focused on providing maritime enterprises customised applications and software solutions.

With over 600 dedicated experts across the globe, MariApps strives to develop solutions that help maritime businesses to succeed in the rapidly transforming industry they operate in. The company’s flagship product, smartPAL is a comprehensive, fully web-based, cloud and mobile compliant maritime digital solution suite with over 40 modules. It allows users to track vessels, retrieve real-time finance, performance as well as operational data to further facilitate decision making processes, reduce operational risks, and maximise uptime.
You want to learn more about MariApps? Visit the MariApps website’.