Smart Maintenance is BSM’s strategy to ensure sustainable vessel operations. Planned activities that are triggered by time-based intervals are combined with condition-based activities that are triggered by the outcome of condition evaluation.

Remote support capabilities are enabled by the use of advanced onboard infrastructure and communication technologies.

The integrated smart report capability supports the performance and maintenance data analytics to provide advanced machinery health diagnostics.

Smart Maintenance goals are to:

  • Further enhance safety
  • Improve the reliability of the vessel
  • Minimise unplanned system breakdowns by anticipating equipment failures
  • Extend overhaul periods where viable
  • Know the remaining useful life of machinery equipment
  • Improve planning of maintenance activities to reduce downtime and off-hire and unplanned work
  • Reduce the operational expenditures of the vessel

Our Smart Maintenance capabilities

Condition-based Maintenance
  • Condition monitoring tools:

-vibration analysis

-thermal heat measurement

-fuel, lube oil and water analyses

  • Performance monitoring and analyses tools
  • Trend visualisation within smartPAL
  • Develops capabilities to include environmental, navigation, communication, and other systems into Condition Monitoring
  • Researches and coordinates the implementation of new technologies to support condition monitoring
Remote Support
  • Utilises Wi-Fi access points in strategic positions on the vessel for handheld devices with mobile applications
  • Connects vessel with the experts and allows direct communication at the scene to support with:

-maintenance activities including toolbox meetings, updates, job completion

-fault identification

-emergency situations

-class surveys

  • Cooperates with technical experts and experts’ systems to enhance the support to the onboard management team

Smart Reporting
  • Digitalises technical and operational reports such as

-main engine overhaul reports, scavenge space inspections

-auxiliary engine and auxiliary machinery overhaul reports

-performance reports

  • Introduces data quality checks into forms, checklists and reports
  • Facilitates further analysis
  • Configures reports for individual vessel and client needs
  • Expands the smart reporting functionality to all smartPAL modules
  • Includes advanced technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence predictive algorithms, vibration and acoustic analysis and image process fault recognition to

-improve machinery health monitoring

-extract insights from digital data via Smart Analytics

  • Uses BI Reports and maintenance related KPIs to evaluate the quality of maintenance
  • Develops new algorithms to improve data quality and diagnostic capability

Frequently asked questions

Why Condition-Based Maintenance?

  • Reduces OPEX
  • Maximizes the life of machinery assets
  • Provides crew with a better insight of machineries’ health
  • Reduces probability of equipment break-down and incidents after an inspection
  • Reduces off-hire
  • Increases reputation of the vessel towards charterers and gives charterer piece of mind
  • Saves maintenance time and increases time between overhauls, leading to optimized planning of spare part orders
  • Provides an early indication of possible faults, so preventive measures can be taken

Why Remote Support?

  • Reduction of travelling and accommodation costs for Service Engineer
  • Time saving of Service Engineer
  • Reduction of launch boat costs
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Better planning on when and how to do the maintenance
  • Convenient for crew and TSI
  • 24\7 immediate response and actions taken

Smart Maintenance brochure

With Smart Maintenance, we are extracting the outmost value from real time operational data for machinery health diagnosis and making reporting of crew smarter and easier through digitised solutions.

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Theodore Ioannou

Technical Superintendent – Maintenance Strategy


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