Published on 04 Sep 2020

Keeping track of every procedural guideline in a substantially large documentation system is close to impossible. For those tasks that we do not often perform, there is a need to consult procedural guidelines to ensure compliance and eliminate the risk of getting into accidents and accumulating losses.

Access to these guidelines, however, requires connectivity to the internet, or the on-board network, either of which is not always readily available for employees. Such a limitation could lead to jobs being undertaken without prior consultation of established procedures and result in accidents or other non-compliance incidents, thereby jeopardizing the safety and security of vessels and seafarers.

To address this challenge, Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (BSM) has rolled out a new mobile software solution that brings ease of access in document management and communication. The QDMS WIKI mobile application offers synchronized access to BSM documents, manuals, and articles, allowing ship crew and staff alike to consult and retrieve them anytime, anywhere – even offline.

“Conducting proper risk assessment is paramount in our industry. The new QDMS WIKI app allows our employees to access the entire document system. They can search for specific procedures addressing their planned tasks offline,” explains Frank Lasse, Director Loss Prevention Safety Quality (LPSQ).

The QDMS WIKI app is available for both iOS and Android devices. After installation, the QDMS WIKI app will synchronise with the BSM server and download all documents and articles to the device. Although the initial synchronisation is large, subsequent updates will only take a few seconds.

BSM is presently evaluating mobile devices that will host the new QDMS WIKI app on board. Once the evaluation is concluded, each BSM-managed ship will receive mobile devices with the app pre-installed and synchronised.

“The QDMS WIKI app is one proof that mobile software solutions open a lot of possibilities in facilitating efficient processes for our ship crew to manage risks and threats that could impact operations. As more mobile devices are made available on board, we will continue to evaluate what other operational modules can be covered with mobile apps,” says Frank.

With the QDMS WIKI app, BSM is taking an important step in providing permanent access to guidance and information needed to perform tasks compliant with our procedures, further increasing safety and security on its ships.

bsm highlights ready set access.PNG